Discover Guayabo National Monument

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Feel like an explorer! after 25 minutes of ride from Turrialba downtown, on the way, you can take some nice pictures of the landscapes and see the villages with its simple and friendly people.

Once, on the trails, you will pass throughGuayabo the forest to observe the flora and fauna, and get the viewpoint, is awesome to see the mounds, and imagine the precolumbian life time. Walking down there, is the aqueduct that is STILL WORKING, also, you can appreciate pre columbian structures like mounds, the main stone walkway, tombs and petroglyphs inspired in nature. The history represented by the monument and the indigenous civilization that lIved there, enrich the worldview, because the intelligence and organization they had.

I will not tell you all about it, because our intention is encourage you to visit this World Heritage Engineering site, simply is one place you should visit in Costa Rica, for its wealth for humanity and history captured there!

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