Unique National Monument in Costa Rica

Area of 232 protected hectares

Explore a unique place in Costa Rica that protects its natural and cultural wealth

World Engineering Heritage

Internationally recognized for its great architectural value

unique structures

Learn about elements that represent the way of life of our ancestors

Visit the top places in Costa Rica, like Guayabo National Monument, where you can walk along the trails of the Archaeological Site and discover interesting elements, about the way of life of the indigenous people, their culture and impressive engineering

Surely you will be amazed by the advanced form of construction of mounds, roads and water tanks, without leaving behind the scenic beauty of this place


The departure time is at 8:00 am or 1:00 pm, place of departure can be flexible to fit your preferences, you must first indicate the place where you are staying. The total duration of the tour is 3 hours


People without previous experience, over 10 years (flexible according to size and skills)