DURATION: 4 hours
LOCATION Turrialba
RATE $75

Canyoning involves rappelling and descending cliffs and waterfalls within the canyon. Our Canyoning site is located in Calle Chirraca, a small, modest, yet lush place near our own Turrialba.

We begin the Canyoning tour with an introduction of our guides and the equipment to help familiarize you with the different uses of the equipment. We start the tour at the first waterfall where a guide will give a speech on safety.

The guide will explain the course and the equipment making sure you know the necessary mechanisms and procedures for canyoning, ensuring you a safe and fun experience. After this, you are off on a 2-3 hour adventure…rappelling down four waterfalls, zip lining down four canopy cables, and walking across a 132 foot hanging bridge – all giving you an unforgettable adrenaline rush!

Departs: 8:00 a.m.

Pick Up place: Turrialba Downtown (Parkings or Hotels -Ask for advice) 

Includes: Transportation, professional bilingual guides, equipment and lunch

Recommended ages: From 7 years old

What to bring: T-shirt, swimsuit, shorts, tennis shoes or sandals with straps, sunblock, extra clothes and towel will be needed at the end of the tour

Nature everywhere




Certified by the Costa Rican Turism Board

 The Tourism Declaration is an acknowledgment granted by the Costa Rica Tourism Board as guarantee of the legality of the tourism activities and reach one of the main objectives, the accomplishment of the highest quality

Associated to Turrialba Chamber of Commerce

This chamber is a non-profit organization that seeks to build a long-term sustainable city, promoting the growth of the prosperity of the community through the improve of the environment for businesses and tourism

Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism is an initiative to join the tourism private sector and the childrens rights and prevent sexual exploitation of children at tourism destinations.

Insurance Policies

Explore Turialba carries out safe activities with well-trained guides, safety procedures to prevent any kind of inconvenience, and also covered by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS), to enjoy safe fun in every service you take


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