Pacuare Rafting Adventure

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The adventure starts!  Welcome to the incredible Pacuare, one of the top 5 rivers in the world for rafting!  Anticipation builds before you even hit the water.  Get ready for the adrenaline rush of paddling class 3 and 4 rapids, interspersed with peaceful drifts through some of Costa Rica’s most remote and scenic wilderness.

On the edge: At the river, expert, bilingual guides walk you through equipment preparation, rafting instruction, and safety.  Then you’re off!  Your pulse will surge as you plunge into whitewater and take on the rapids, feeling this world-famous river come alive beneath you!

Midway through the journey, stop to take lunch and recharge in the beauty and serenity of the Pacuare.  There’s more adrenaline to come!  Ahead, take in the view of the majestic “dos montañas,” amazing, peaceful… you won’t want your adventure to end!

As the adrenaline settles and the raft comes back to land, you’ll know you’ve experienced one of Costa Rica’s most unforgettable natural treasures.  You’ll disembark to find a bar where you can relax with a cold drink and buy a disc with pictures and videos of your adventure.  You’ll come back with a smile that won’t quit and memories that last a lifetime!

 If you are in Turrialba, DO NOT MISS the rafting tour at PACUARE RIVER!

Explore Turrialba with the
colaboration of Amelia Yant.


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