Explore the mystique behind a good cup of coffee!

Coffee is savored all over the world, but there is much more to this beloved beverage than meets the eye.  At Golden Bean Coffee Plantation, you’ll experience coffee from the harvest of the bean to the finish on your palate.  See, smell, and taste how they do it!

Golden Bean plantation is just 15 minutes from downtown Turrialba.  Upon arrival, you’ll be immersed in the fascinating world of coffee, starting in the fields.  Your expert guide will first teach you how to distinguish between the different varieties and harvest the red beans.

Then you’ll move into the heart of the plantation.  In the main building, you’ll see (and smell!) coffee roasted and packed.  Your tour guide will also show you how to prepare a traditionally brewed Costa Rican coffee.

Before you go, explore some of the other ways you can savor coffee’s unique flavor: Enjoy espresso beans covered in chocolate, creams and coffee liqueurs, and other products that demonstrate the rich diversity of this golden bean. 

Visit Turrialba and discover one of its most delicious secrets!

Explore Turrialba with the
colaboration of Amelia Yant.

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