Bird watching Costa Rica

Found here your bird watching Costa Rica Tour! Enjoy your best adventure in Costa Rica, unique birding destination of Central America.

Get to know Costa Rica and its best birding hotspots! Costa Rica is a privileged country, it is among the 25 countries with the most diversity of flora and fauna species. However, it is remarkable, that with only 0.03% of the world surface. It occupies the first places in terms of species density, since it occupies 6% of the world’s biodiversity.

Costa Rica is home to more than 900 bird species! Of this, about 600 are residents, and the rest migrate from North America during the winter. So that, stopping in Costa Rica before continuing their journey to South America.

Costa Rica is dominated by two coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, also for a central mountains system. So that, cover over a half of the land, affecting directly the climate and biodiversity.

For this reason, our country is divided in four bird watching and wildlife ecozones with numerous micro ecosystems and extraordinary flora and fauna. The wildlife in Costa Rica is practically on display in their natural habitat.

Birding Hotspots of Costa Rica

The ecozones or birding hotspots in Costa Rica are: the Caribbean Lowlands, the Highlands, the Central and Southern Pacific Lowlands and the Dry Northwest Lowlands. And the different climates are rainforest, cloud forest, mangrove, pre montane forest, dry forest and more

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COSTA RICA is a must place for birdwatching and nature lovers! We are waiting for you!