Costa Rica is a true Natural Paradise

Protected areas in Costa Rica

De climatic diversity of Costa Rica and the government’s conservationist policies make this country a true paradise. With a diversity of ecosystems that protect a wealth of the world’s biodiversity.

The Costa Rican government, has developed and maintains dynamic policy of conservation of national parks and wildlife refuges. Among, other initiatives of environmental management and protection of natural and culture resources.

The Caribbean and Pacif coastlines are scenic paradises. From north to south, down the length of the country. Stretch 500 km of mountains interspersed. With majestic volcanoes and gentle hills. From witch flow rivers and streams that irrigate primeval forest and agricultural crops.

In the mountainous area of the Caribbean. Between 800 and 1500 m, above sea level, the vegetation is characteristic of tropical rainforest. While, dry forest is dominant in the North Pacific and the Central Valley. That is why, here fewer tree grow and instead grasses and herbaceous plants proliferate.

Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica

With regars to fauna, we can say Costa Rica has an extraordinary diverse number of species. For this reason, depending on the area, you have the chance to see Resplendent Quetzals, Scarlet Macaws, and toucans. Also, you can see four types of monkeys, sloths, tapirs and jaguars. Additionally, anteaters, otters, foxes, pumas, crocodiles and dolphins. Among many other animal!

In addition, wilderness areas host approximately 13000 kinds of plants. More than 2000 species of butterflies. About, 4500 night moths. Like so, 175 types of amphibians. On the other hand, 225 kinds of reptiles, 250 mammals, 1500 species of freshwater and saltwater fish. And more than 900 different birds. Tens of thousands of insects species live in Costa Rica.

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