Rich Biodiversity!


Place with a large number of flora species from all over the world

Ecosystem diversity

Find diversity of ecosystems and birds, extraordinary place for photography!


Short and accessible sidewalks for the whole family, close to town

Discover the Turrialba Lakes! We will visit the Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching Center; CATIE, extraordinary place with around 340 species of birds, it is a spacious and quiet place with open areas that facilitate observation, flat terrain, without vehicular traffic and with various ecosystems, which are represented by patches of secondary forest, agricultural coffee, cane and cocoa plantations. A botanical garden that home a large number of flora species, as well as the lake, which is home to water bird species such as Purple gallinule, Northem jacana, Boat-billed Heron, Anhings and Herons

The wide open spaces of these places facilitate the sighting of other species such as the Montezuma oropendola, Crowned woodnymph, the colorful keel-billed toucan, and if it's our lucky day the Great potoo

During the tour, we will also visit the Angostura Lake, an extensive lagoon with diversity of flora and fauna, this area has wide and comfortable observation points, you problaby see interesting bird species such as Snail kite, Least Grebe, Southern lapwing and raptors like Osprey, also herons, ducks and many more!

The birding spots are flat suitable for anyone, the weather is warm, we will be around 1000 masl. We recommend you comfortable clothes, water bottle and sunscreen


The departure time is at 5:30 am or 2:00 pm, place of departure can be flexible to fit your preferences, you must first indicate the place where you are staying. The total duration of the tour is 4 hours


People without previous experience, over 10 years (flexible according to size and skills)