Turrialba Highlands


Find in Turrialba the most beautiful bird of Central America

Turrialba Volcano

Get to meet the extraordinary highland hummingbirds


Over 112 species of birds have been recorded in Turrialba Volcano

Best place in Costa Rica for birding! The highlands of Turrialba are home for many species of birds, that reside in these ecosystems and high altitude climates

We will visit Santa Cruz community, one hour away from Turrialba, here you have the opportunity to discover an active volcano and the second largest volcano in Costa Rica. You problably see bird species such as Talamanca, Volcano and Fiery-Throared hummingbird (these hummingbirds live in high areas of Costa Rica). Trogons and raptors like the Red-tailed hawk, Blank and Turkey vultures. You will also, have more opportunity to meet an impressive Resplendent quetzal, than in other areas such as Monteverde or San Gerardo de Dota, so Turrialba will be an extraordinary point, with a lot altitudinal variation to appreciate other high and middle land species

The main hotspots are flat and other narrow, so good physical condition is required, also the weather is cold, we will be in the highest area of Turrialba at about 2000 masl. We recommend you bring waterproof jacket and shoes, long pants, water bottle, sunscreen and umbrella


The departure time is at 5:30 am or 1:00 pm, place of departure can be flexible to fit your preferences, you must first indicate the place where you are staying. The total duration of the tour is 6 hours


We recommend this tour for people with previous experience and good hiking conditions (kids over 10 years, flexible according to size and skills). If you do not want to walk, there is the option to stay in a specific place with good view points